Servant Leadership

In 2002, Moore's Electrical and Mechanical Construction began a process to change our leadership culture to one of Servant Leadership.  A Servant Leader is an egoless leader who treats people with respect, and works for the good of the team, not for self. A Servant Leader is a person respected for integrity, that people want to follow because they feel valued and are treated with respect and dignity at all times. The Servant Leader wants to see each person grow in their position through coaching with accountability in a safe and secure environment. 

Servant Leader Traits:

    • Honest and Trustworthy
    • Egoless
    • Unselfish or Selfless
    • Genuinely cares for others
    • Listens intently 
    • Values different opinions and ideas
    • Believes in people and seeks to bring the best out in all
    • Tries to catch people doing the right thing
    • Holds people accountable
    • Has a desire to see people grow
    • Personal value comes from mentoring others (greater than own achievements)
    • Strives to make others successful