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 Partners Helping Partners

A partner-funded benevolence program dedicated to helping our partners in need through payroll deduction.


Who does it help? 

Our partners who are experiencing one or more of the following:

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Injury or illness

  • uninsured medical expenses

  • out-of-pocket health care expenses

  • care and resources for a critically ill dependent resulting in loss of work

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Loss of family

  • funeral expenses of a partner or dependent caused by an accident or sudden illness

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Natural Disaster

  • Temporary living expenses related to a natural disaster, fire, theft/burglary

  • transportation repairs due to unforeseen events not covered by insurance

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Military deployment

  • initial assistance once a partner or spouse is deployed


 How can I donate?

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Fill out form

Fill out the payroll deduction form to donate $1-$5 a week.

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Email form

Email the payroll deduction form to

Give weekly

You will be payroll deducted weekly for the amount you contribute.


How can I apply for help? 

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Fill out application

to be sent to a committee who reviews your case.

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Committee Votes

committee reviews your application to make sure it aligns with the Partners Helping Partners guidelines.

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If approved,

start recieving funds agreed on by the committee.