Our Story

Like most businesses, it is the story of how, what, when and why that makes them interesting. People understand that every dollar they spend goes to someone’s pocket. That could be owners, investors, employees and, in our situation, even the community.

In 1985 at 32 years old, Dale Moore was working 3rd shift as an electrical maintenance mechanic for an industry in Altavista, VA. Dale was a hard worker who went through the technical school program and received his electrical apprenticeship. He had dreamed of owning his own business one day. When the company he was working for announced they would be starting cutbacks and offering severance packages, Dale inquired and left there with $20,000 and started Moore’s Electric.

The Vision from the beginning:

  • Our People - For our people to say this is the best place they have ever worked, and to be proud to share with family and friends.
  • Our Customers - For our customers to say this is the best service they have ever received. Exceeding expectations, not meeting them.
  • Our Communities - To give back that which we have been blessed and to invest in our future youth.

Dale started the Company with the goal of being Altavista's hometown electrician. He began to run many residential calls doing just about anything of any size you could imagine. Shortly after starting Moore’s, he opened an office/store on Broad Street in Altavista that sold small and mostly residential electrical supplies. Shortly thereafter, he hired his first employees - Debbie Barker, Mike Booth, Wayne Canard and Buzz Layne, who are all still with Moore’s today.

From that point forward, Moore’s has been very blessed. You cannot get any further into this story without recognizing our Lord and Savior for the wisdom, guidance and blessings he has given us over 30 years. In this business you will see many great times as well as many tough times and he has guided us through them all.

Fast forward to 1999.  Moore’s is 14 years old and now primarily Commercial, Industrial and Service, doing projects throughout the State of Virginia and employing approximately 200 people. We have moved from an Electrical only contractor to also providing Mechanical and Plumbing services and became Moore’s Electrical & Mechanical Construction, Inc.

In 2002, Moore’s decided to turn toward Servant Leadership. In this industry this isn’t always a welcomed concept, but it was where we wanted to go and the type of organization we wanted to be. A Servant Leader is an egoless leader who treats everyone with respect no matter their position or status and realizes their ultimate goal is to make everyone else successful first. In our current day we have trained over 300 Servant Leaders through in house programs.

In 2012 Moore’s made a decision to become an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) Company. This decision was made in an effort to ensure that Moore’s continues to operate under the same principals for future generations. At that same time we no longer referred to our people as employees but partners because everyone has ownership in the success of the Company, which can be seen that through our yearly profit sharing program and their ESOP stock certificates. We have been able to see a steady incline in our stock price.

In 2015 Moore’s celebrated 30 years in business. We are working actively across Virginia and North Carolina and employ over 600 partners. During this time Dale decided to take a different role in the Company and became the Founder/Chairman. This allowed me the great privilege to take on the role of President/CEO and to lead this great organization for the future. I came to Moore’s in 1997 and after a couple years of business management at Liberty University, I came into the business fulltime. Before that, I was in and around Moore’s since I was six years old.  My dad was an electrician, but my interest turned towards the mechanical side of the business. I worked in our mechanical division for many years, and I currently hold our mechanical trade licenses for Virginia and North Carolina. Throughout my 18 years of service here I have held many positions and seen many changes along the way.

Our people are extraordinary and I wish I could list them all. Without all of our great partners none of this would be possible.

Still at the forefront today and every day is our vision from 30 years ago - Our People, Our Customers, and Our Communities. We thank everyone that has supported us and look forward to future relationships.

Our goal is truly not to meet expectations but to exceed them. We are by no means perfect, but will work as hard as we can to get it right and if we slip up, we will make it right.

Thank you!

- Andy Moore, President/CEO