Donation / Sponsor Amount Guidelines:

$50 / requested donation if approved** for team, school, or activity sponsorships. These donations are given on a “Match Policy” meaning you donate $50 as well.

$150 / requested donation if approved if you are also involved by either coaching or donating time/personal resources.

Date response is needed: *
Date response is needed:
Your Phone: *
Your Phone:
Address of organization or team: *
Address of organization or team:
Is your child/family member on the team or involved in the event? *
Are you involved in the team or event? (coaching, donating time/money, etc.) *
Will there be any advertisement/promotion featuring Moore’s Electrical & Mechanical? *
Are you willing to match our donation amount financially? *
How would you like the check to be handled? *

You will be notified by email about the status of your request. Contact Susan Foster with any questions: