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We give back to the communities we serve. 


Why we give back 

The Moore’s Charitable foundation desires to assist youth and Christian organizations by providing funds that will further the mission of developing the young people who are our future.

In 1999, the leadership at Moore’s began giving 10% of its profits annually to organizations in an act of obedience to Biblical principles. Our intent is to instill purpose not only in the hearts of our employees but in the lives of those we touch. Over the years, our organization has grown and through donations of time, money, and experience, our people are improving the lives of the less fortunate and are building better communities.


we support

the requests we consider fall under one of these categories

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Moore’s will give special attention to charities that promote the well-being of children.

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Economic development

Organizations that target economic development, bringing business or jobs in our area.

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Organizations that benefit the communities in the areas we work and serve.

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Low-Income families

Organizations that help low income or “under-served” individuals.



Requests must be submitted at least 90 days prior to an event

Please note that we will not consider the following types of requests:

  • assist individuals raising money to go on a trip where the benefit is not to a team, school, or the community, but to the individual (examples: student ambassador program, student leadership conferences, cheerleader competitions, etc.)

  • assist individuals seeking pledges for charity walks

  • schools, churches, and organizations that are outside of our business area

  • contributions for events/activities that have already occurred

  • political organizations or candidates for public office

  • requests that are sensitive, controversial/harmful, or pose a potential conflict of interest to Moore’s Electrical and Mechanical

 How it works

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Fill out application

Fill out the application below to be sent to a committee who will review your case.

Committee Votes

The committee reviews your application and makes sure it aligns with the Moore’s Charitable Foundation guidelines.

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If approved,

we will notify you and you will receive the funds agreed upon by the committee.


Fill out the application below

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Date that a response is needed
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