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Moore’s is dedicated to creating an environment of safety.

Good safety performance is no accident. It is the result of training, awareness, and hard work on the part of all of our team members. Our Mission at Moore’s is to protect the safety of our people. We will achieve this goal by creating sound Health and Safety Policies and Procedures which will be supported by continued training and accountability. By committing to these principles we can ensure each of our partners the highest quality of professional life both on and off the jobsite. For Moore’s, safety never takes the day off.

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The Safety Counter

Our Goal is 1 Million Manhours

Number of Man Hours worked without a "Lost Time" injury:


Last updated:  May 8, 2017

Moore’s takes safety very seriously, and continually trains and promotes safety in all of our divisions. Frank Gonzalez is our full time Safety Director. He comprehensively reviews all safety guidelines with our customers’ safety representatives, and visits our partners on the job sites. We hold safety classes for all supervisors and managers, as well as, initial safety training for all new team members before they start on the job. Safety talks are held weekly on every field job, and are monitored with written reports. Preventative safety memos are sent out with every paycheck to every employee. We also send out incident statements to our employees in the event of an accident. Plus, employees are rewarded for achieving safety related goals throughout the year.

The Three Pillars of Safety for Moore's.

  1. Education: OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training Courses, First Aid/CPR, leadership training, equipment training, etc.
  2. Empowerment: The ability to say YES and NO. All partners empowered to say YES to doing it the safe way. All partners empowered to say NO when they do not feel safe in any situation.
  3. Accountability: All partners are held accountable for safety. Whenever an incident occurs, each one is thoroughly investigated and corrective measures are taken.

To find out more about what Moore’s is doing to work safe, please contact Frank Gonzalez at 434.942.5848 or

Frank Gonzalez
Safety Director

Zac Kolegue
Safety Manager